Daylily Paradise

Bulb Caring and Planting Information

Lily Bulbs (Lilium)

Stargazer Lily

Casa Blanca Lily

All of our bulbs will arrive to you via the United States Priority Mail. The bulbs will be carefully packaged in a plastic bag within a cardboard strong box. All bulbs should be planted as quickly as possible. Even if it is still cold outside, plant your bulbs shortly after they arrive. Dig a hole approximately two and on half times the size of the bulb's diameter. Place the bulb in the bottom of the hole and fill the remainder of the hole with topsoil. Unless soil conditions are very dry, there is no need to water your bulbs in at first. Your newly planted bulbs will need little care and they will begin to grow shortly after the weather begins to warm. Do not fertilize your bulbs the first year, but they will perform better with plenty of water once they begin to grow.

These bulbs prefer full sun and they bloom from early summer to late summer. The flower size is approximately 6 in diameter and the plants can reach a height of 3 6. These bulbs will grow well in containers and they are hardy between zones 4-11.

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